Who Are We?

We’re Shoestring Marketing University and we spend our days researching, reading, and writing about the latest and greatest marketing strategies for small business owners.

But, we’re not interested in any old marketing strategy, we’re only interested in strategies that pass our 3-P Test: 

  1. Practical.  It needs to be a simple and straightforward strategy that can be learned and implemented quickly.
  2. Profitable.  The strategy should generate leads, prospects, or sales. Ideally, there is a substantial return on the investment.
  3. Penny-wise.  It must be free or extremely low-cost. Once we find the perfect marketing strategy, our job is to teach you how to use it. 

We do this through blog posts, video lessons, ebooks, and our Shoestring Marketing University classes. We work hard, but love every minute of it! (Well, most of the minutes.)

Meet the Team

Jessica Swanson

Jessica is the Founder and President of Shoestring Marketing University.

Jessica has helped thousands of small business owners, all over the world, implement low-cost, high-impact marketing strategies.

Armed with years of teaching and a M.S. in Written Communications, Jessica takes complicated marketing concepts, turn them upside-down, and make them incredibly simple and straightforward.

Jessica is also a wife, mom of three kids and a fiesty little Chihuahua, coffee-addict, non-stop reader, and avid writer.


Alex Swanson

Alex is the Content Manager for Shoestring Marketing University.

She is responsible for content collection, compilation, and distribution to various marketing channels. She also writes and edits content for Shoestring Marketing University.

In addition, Alex oversees customer service and social media.

Alex is a talented writer and loves to read. She also plays clarinet and sings in ensembles in her spare time.



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