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Shoestring Marketing University

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About SMU

What is Shoestring Marketing University?

The Internet is filled with thousands of websites, blogs and articles that relate to small business marketing. And, of course, that’s precisely the problem! How do you find the time and energy to sift through all the information and decide what is truly relevant for your small business? That’s where we step in.

Welcome to Shoestring Marketing University where we provide online marketing training to frugal small business owners.

Every single day, we sift through the latest and greatest in low-cost marketing trends, research, and practices and translate them into practical, hands-on advice that you can immediately apply to your own small business.

If you’re a penny-wise small business owner looking for real-world marketing advice, then you’re in the right place!

What’s the difference between SMU and all the other marketing websites and blogs out there?

Shoestring Marketing University isn’t just a website or blog. First and foremost, it’s an online training site dedicated to small business owners who are on a shoestring marketing budget. All of our training is created specifically with this focus in mind.

Other marketing sites offer general marketing advice that appeals to businesses with big marketing budgets and dedicated marketing teams. Oftentimes, this marketing advise is confusing, overwhelming and completely non-practical to the small business owner.

We bring you real-world, low-cost marketing strategies that you can implement quickly and painlessly – even without that big budget and dedicated marketing team.

Who’s the face behind Shoestring Marketing University?

Shoestring Marketing University was founded by Jessica Swanson in 2007. Jessica started SMU on the tiniest of shoestring budgets (mixed with a lot of time, passion and perserverance). Since then, she has helped thousands of small business owners implement low-cost marketing strategies. You can read more about Jessica’s story HERE.
There’s a lot of content on Shoestring Marketing University. Where should I start?

We certainly don’t want to overwhelm you with all the information on our site. If you’re a new visitor to Shoestring Marketing University, welcome! Of course we want you to come back, so we’ve compiled all of our important Shoestring Marketing resources, training and tips into one area. You can check them out right HERE.

If you’re just ready to dive in and start learning, you can join us for FREE as a new student with Shoestring Marketing University. You’ll get plenty of free training, tips and tools to completely change your marketing and boost your small business profits. Join us right HERE.

Why should I pay to become a Pro or Master Student of SMU when I’m on a shoestring budget?

You certainly don’t have to pay money to participate in Shoestring Marketing University. As a non-paying student, you can download our free Shoestring Marketing Kit, browse hundreds of articles, participate in our Shoestring Marketing Forum and receive tips, tools and advice through our Shoestring Marketing Weekly Digest.

But, if you want to take your marketing to the next level and learn low-cost marketing strategies to dramatically boost your small business income, we would love for you to join us as a professional or master student. We feel that our tuition is an amazing deal given all the training you will receive. Not only do you receive a comprehensive Shoestring Marketing Lesson every single month, you also have access to Shoestring Marketing training videos, ebooks, blueprints, templates, action plans and LIVE training webinars. (Unfortunately, our FREE members don’t have access to this vast array of training materials.)

If you’re wondering how you can benefit as a Pro or Master Shoestring Marketing student, you can learn more HERE.

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